They Use Every Part Of You Like A Buffalo

“They use every part of you like a buffalo.” That’s how MC Chris summarized his stint at Adult Swim. We should all be lucky enough to work and live that way. Firing on all cylinders, making use of everything we are and leaving no talent untapped. That’s how meaning is made, that’s how value is created.

“That’s just one shelf in the room.”
 Finally saw Kevin Smith live this week. Laughed my ass off, but more importantly, inhaled the inspiration I needed. Really appreciated his perspective on creating lots of art in lots of genres over lots of years. Ever evolving, always expanding and never shirking from doing it your way.

“It’s like your life flashing before you eyes, all day, and
you don’t die.”
 Dave Grohl’s description of jamming with Sir Paul. Brings up the question of whether or not we should meet our heroes. I don’t know. Sometimes they let us down, sometimes they lift us up. Might be worth the story.

“Most Americans have never had a real beer.” My favorite line in Beer Wars comes from the founder of Brooklyn Brewery, Garret Oliver. Especially relevant considering this week’s massive merger between ABI and Modelo. It’s funny, I don’t even like or drink beer. But I really dig the ethos of the craft brewer. Dethrone the king, son.

“What happens to most people is, when their first dreams get
killed off, nothing takes their place.”
 Great insight from The Boss about the difference between your twenties and thirties. I can totally relate. In my twenties, I had enough dreams to keep God busy. Now, I pretty much have one dream: Just be happy. Lately, it’s been coming true.

“You can’t schedule innovation.” Cool article about serendipity and workplace architecture. As an employee of an innovation company, our philosophy is to always believe there has to be a better way. And with a little googling and a lot of collaboration, there usually is.

“Technology should be so intuitive that no one stops to
question how difficult it must have been to create.”
 Stop making me think. Stop making me work. Just build stuff that’s fast and useful. That’s a fact, @Jack.


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