Scott Ginsberg writes, produces, directs, scores and stars in independent music films.

His filmography includes a concert documentary, a motivational masterclass and an animated folk rock opera.

Watch the trailers and read the synopses for his movies here!

Black & White & Dead All Over is a silent gothic western.

After spending a year writing and performing my latest batch of songs, we spent two weeks in the Utah desert in the literal old west, filming black and white footage to bring my dark and angry sentiments to life.

This silent gothic western has no characters, no plot, no script, no sound, and no narrative arcs. Just music, words, and landscape.

Tunnel of Love is a feature length concert documentary about the intersection of identity, belonging and creativity.

It’s a look at the transformative power of live music, both on the audience and the performer. It’s an homage the sonic potential of natural acoustics. And it’s a playful narrative about two lovers in the process of changing their pronouns.

Through live performances, unexpected creative moments of conception and behind the scenes storytelling, the film takes you on a heartfelt journey about what it means to be an artist, a romantic and an opportunist.

The movie was filmed at The Meadowport Arch in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Eyes Full Of Dreams is a musical and motivational masterclass about making use of everything you are.

Dreaming isn’t dead, it’s simply been forgotten. Removed from our language. Sentenced to obscurity. And so, the educational need isn’t schooling, it’s shedding.

Through in studio performances and inspiring urban footage, the film isn’t teaching people how to dream, but teaching people how to unlock the portals through which dreams can enter.

The movie was filmed at The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn.

Head Up, Heart Higher is an animated folk rock opera.

It’s written, produced, directed and scored by Scott Ginsberg. Animation by Devika Joglekar.

LOGLINE: Driven to depression and isolation from his failing business, a burned out entrepreneur must overcome his fear of change, let go of his past success and get a day job so he can support his family and regain a new sense of worthiness and belonging.


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