The Pain Of Having Not Created Anything

“When your hobby transforms into your livelihood, you become
a lot more pragmatic and a lot less romantic.”
 While researching the world of craft beer, I stumbled across this fascinating thread. Been there before. When our passion becomes our profession, a lot of the love and purity and joy of the work gets reduced to a task. We have to ask ourselves if it’s worth it.

“The pain of having not created anything.” Is greater than the pain of rejection. Is greater than the pain of mediocrity. Is greater than the pain of anonymity. I don’t know about you, but when I stop making things, I grow anxious. Quickly.

“The world doesn’t need another decent but disinterested
What the world needs is more people making use of everything they are, coming alive in the service of others. Thanks for that one, Jason.

“The trade on their fame has lost most of its zeros.” To avoid becoming footnotes in the book of life, we have to change our relationship with delayed gratification. Sadly, patience is not a primary adenda item for most of the world. Technology tricks us into thinking that everything does (and should) happen right now.

“You cannot stay cocooned off from how the world really is.” Rob Bell speaks out in favor of gay marriage. Nice. What’s interesting is, in fifty years, we’ll all look back at this video and be amazed that it even made headlines. 

“Art is about taking an audience to the limits of human
 And, once they get there, making them glad you brought them along. Thanks, Steven.

“This should never be normal.” When we start accepting atrocity as commonality, we’ve already gone too far. Rewind, rewind, rewind. So thankful for articles like this.


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