Scott Ginsberg (born February 14, 1980) is an American songwriter, lyricist, singer and guitarist.

He was born in St. Louis and began making music at age 12, after quitting the saxophone because chicks didn’t dig it. His first big break was performing weekly concerts at a coffee house called Hava Java, which promptly went out of business shortly thereafter.

Scott continued to play gigs in coffee shops during high school, and later performed in bars and stairwells at Miami University. He credits songwriters like Chris Whitley, Adam Duritz, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Matthews, Edwin McCain, Glen Phillips and Jeff Buckley as his foundational inspiration.

He started his own record label in 1999 and signed himself as the first and only artist. Scott recorded and produced his first two records in his parents’ basement, which sold dozens of copies, mostly to his parents. All subsequent albums were recorded in various studios, which sold even fewer copies.

Scott’s music is acoustic and primarily composed and performed in open tunings. He plays guitar in a highly percussive and syncopated style, with lyrics that have been called “poetic,” “inspiring” and “stolen from books and movies.” Scott plays weekly concerts under dark tunnels in Propsect Park in Brooklyn, where strangers and dogs enjoy his soulful and earnest songs.

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