My Greatest Hits Are Not Behind Me

“Be ten cents more trusted, not ten cents less expensive.” You can try to win on price, or you can focus your efforts on more meaningful customer benefits. Inspired by Gitomer’s list of predictions for this year.

“Get on with the real work of making real art in the real
Don’t dream about making art. Don’t talk about making art.Don’t read stories about other people making art. None of that will scratch the itch. Thanks Twyla.

“Just one ingredient in a big, boiling vat of inputs.” The more experiences, the richer the ingredients. The richer the ingredients, the fuller the vat. The fuller the vat, the easier it is to sit down and respond to something. What a great way to make art.

“My greatest hits are not behind me.” Once a band releases their greatest hits album, they’re essentially telling the world they’re done making good music. Kiss of death. We should always strive to make the next piece just a little better than the last.

“Poetry is a form where the language is under so much
 Poetry is one of those art forms I never understood. Similar to jazz, I never quite know what the hell is going on. And yet, every time I sit in the audience of a slam, I’m inspired beyond belief. 

“Congress is the place where progress goes to die.” Bill Maher’s response to our country’s inability to execute democracy correctly. Let’s go, folks.

“The difference between winning and losing is a momentary
mental lapse.”
Speaking of things I don’t understand, here’s a fascinating article on mixed marital arts. When every competitor is just as strong, talented and angry as the next, the difference maker is focus.


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