The Shovel Of Sand On Your Bonfire Of Achievement

“Out to eat, face down in their smartphones.” This is where we’re at. This is what we’ve decided to accept as normal. What a crock. My phone has been massively cracked for seven months. And I’m never going to get it fixed. Ever. Why? Because it doesn’t fucking matter. Great cartoon, Jason.

should have something to point to.”
 I’m reading a inspiring/heartbreaking book called Working. Loved this chapter about the satisfaction of visual accomplishment. Can you imagine working your whole life on a project you never saw completed? Funny thing is, that was humanity’s reality for centuries. Ouch.

“The shovel of sand on your bonfire of achievement.” Bald Bryan discusses the odd insecurity of people who can’t stomach the accomplishments of others. Having grown up with an infinitely supportive family, I can’t imagine how deflating that must be.

my work fire.”
 Last summer I went on sabbatical for three months. Lots of sleep, lots of walks, lots of creating. And the best thing that came out of it was, the discovery of what motivates me. As workers, as artists, as humans, the minute we understand our own engine is the minute everything changes.

could be building cities that make it easier for people to know one another.”
 What I love about living in an urban environment is how easy it is to run into people. It makes life much richer. Proving the theory that we don’t need access to information, we need access to each other.

they have an event, they don’t build a monument to it.”
That’s the difference between America and the rest of the world, says Bill Maher. They know how to get over things. Ah, the bliss of having a short memory.

“I am
working to preserve that splinter of ice in my heart.”
 John says that all writers deal with this condition. Couldn’t agree more. And unless it’s something we work on every day, even if only for five minutes at a time, the ice will start to melt. Not good.


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