Floating On A Tsunami Of Acceptance

“Do we want to get rocked to sleep, or do we want to get
 I first fell in love with David Carr when I watched Page One, the documentary about the dying medium of print. In his latest interview, he discusses the future of media and journalism. I am smitten once again. 

“I merely float on a tsunami of acceptance of anything life
throws at me.”
 The Edge is the reason the web was invented. Terry Gilliam’s response to the annual question was beautiful. I wonder how different our world would be if worry was abolished?

“If I could be totally trusted on sex, then I got a lot of
 Really interesting perspective on abstinence from Temple Grandin. I can totally relate. It’s amazing how the trust equation changes when people know you’re not trying to fuck them.

“Make it about your mind, not your muscles.” This past weekend, I had one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever experienced. Super articulate. Master of the dialogue. Tons of helpful corrections. What’s more, his insight was a timely reminder of just how mental most things are.

“Open a vein and his whole culture comes out barefoot.” Anyone who publishes his first novel at the age of ninety-six has earned the right to craft a sentence that good. Gosh. Merely the size of Harry Bernstein’s typewriter has to be worth some kind of award.

“Retirement is a false construct.” Alan Weiss, as usual, strikes a cord through the economy of words. In fact, I did a ton of research on retirement last year. Turns out, the word retirement needs to be retired. Florida is overrated. 


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