I Miss The Monster In The Room

“You can dine here without a dictionary.” Simplicity is eloquence. And delicious. If I owned a pizza joint, this is exactly the kind of review I would want. Too many businesses these days confuse the hell out of their customers in the name of looking cool.

“Her male counterparts marveled at the artistry of her cape work.” Obituary for Patricia McCormick, the pioneer of female bullfighting. Possibly the greatest sentence I’ve ever read in an obituary. Cape work? So good. Inspires me to live a life worth writing about.

“Edges are the only things that can hook people.” Bob reminds us that our most interesting quirks, our most unusual gifts, are the very things that make people lean in and beg for more. Weird is the new normal.

“I miss the monster in the room.” Had a great conversation with my friend Chris about what we miss/don’t miss about our former lives. Personally, I couldn’t be happier not traveling every week, not selling all the time, not having to prove myself to strangers and not having to run my own business. Good riddance.

“It’s not pain, it’s therapeutic discomfort.” Classic mantra from the single nicest yoga studio I’ve ever practiced at. After six years, I think this is the most fascinating benefit of doing Bikram: My relationship with discomfort. Once you master that, life becomes a whole lot easier.

“Wanting to be part of your own life.” Thao is a brilliant songwriter. In this interview, she talks about her life on the road and what it deprives her of. I can relate. Sure is nice to have a daily routine, a homebase and a regular schedule to keep you connected. Traveling gets very old very quickly.


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