Readiness To Wreck Everything

“How are we to imagine anything if the images are always
provided for us?” 
This question comes from a speech Adrien Brody gives in Detachment. Reminds me how important is to get lost, to wonder and to tap into the analog device known as my imagination.

“Humans have this propensity to use new technology to inflate
our sense that we are gods.”
I am constantly amazed at the way people depend on their devices for pretty much everything. And don’t get me wrong, cell phones are amazing. But in the grand scheme of things, they can’t be as important to our lives as we think.

“I stopped believing most of what I used to preach.” Comes from a PostSecret submission. Really hits home with me, as my life has become the mathematical inverse of what it used to be. Man, there’s something really beautiful about outgrowing your own beliefs.

“I was seeing the world through one point of view for ten
 Another great takeaway from Derek’s article about reinvention. Myopia is great for a while, but eventually, we all need new inputs. Otherwise our thoughts are bouncing off too thin of a wall.

“If what you did today wasn’t hard, then you probably didn’t
create enough value.”
 Seth riffs on the importance of hard work in the context of an organization. Been thinking a lot about this lately. What does it really mean to create value?

“Readiness to wreck everything.” Tim writes about lustful abandon. Beautiful stuff. As someone who intentionally blew up his life (in the best, most loving and most generous kind of way way), I know that feeling of abandon quite well. It’s euphoric. You have to bathe in it while it lasts.


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