What’s Your Relationship Bandwidth?

People come in and out of our lives everyday.

Some stick around a few minutes, some stick around forever.

And what’s amazing is how much they can impact our life, even if they’re only part of it for a short while. Strangers on the bus, neighbors down the street, roommates for a semester, lovers over the summer, guests at a hotel – when we meet someone we like, someone who brings us to life and makes us feel better about ourselves, part of us is frustrated that they can’t be in our lives for a longer period of time.

If only we’d met one year earlier, we think.
If only we’d done a better job staying in touch, we think.

But that’s the wrong attitude. That’s the scarcity mentality that doesn’t serve us.Instead of fantasizing about what life might have been if that person was still living down the street from us, instead of kicking ourselves for not being better friends, let’s be thankful we were lucky enough to have had a relationship in the first place. Let’s honor the place that person had in our history instead of apologizing for not being better at returning phone calls.

Because despite our best efforts – even despite our hyper-connected society – it’s hard to stay friends with everybody. There’s only so much social bandwidth available. Some relationships have an expiration date, and we have to learn to be okay with that.

It doesn’t mean we’re insincere people.
It doesn’t mean we’re bad at relationships.
It doesn’t negate the good times we had together.

It just means that life happens. People get busy.

With the population nearing seven billion, this minor transgression is certainly forgivable.

Who do you need to thank for being in your life?

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