The Only Thing We’re Waiting For

We have all the ideas we can handle.
We have all the support we can get.
We have all the tools we can use.

That’s not the problem.

What we lack is the initiative. The capacity to execute. The willingness to stand naked before the world and give it our best shot, even if we fall flat on our face.

What we lack is the will to make the decision, right now, that we are going stop sitting on our hands and go, go, go.

That’s the currency. That’s the scarcest resource we have.

In a world where we have everything we need to begin, the only thing left, the only thing we’re waiting for, is permission.What’s hard is, nobody is going to give it to us. They can’t. Only we can give it to ourselves.

But what’s neat is, nobody is going to stop us either. So in that moment when we decide to act without restriction, to listen to our deepest desires and plunge into the burning heart of uncertainty, it’s surprising how few people stand in our way.

Forget about the idea – it’s all about the “I did.”

What are you waiting for?

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Scott Ginsberg
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