Portrait of a Modern Career

It’s tempting to covet other people’s careers.

Especially when we see them doing things we’d like to be doing.

But the reality is, we can’t have another person’s career any more that we can have another person’s hair. Their history, their trajectory and their motivations are theirs and theirs alone.

Even if we did try to copy their path and plug our variables into their equations, we’d still come out with a different result. Like taking Pemberton’s recipe for Coke and mixing it ourselves, we’d always produce our own unique flavor of soda. Every time.

But that’s the beauty of the modern career: It’s the river we can’t step in twice.

With global shifts in economics, technology, culture and population, there are as many career paths as there are people to take them. No two are exactly alike. And if we want to support each other in our mutual endeavors, we need to greet each other’s careers with affirmation, not envy. We need to treat each other’s careers as a source of inspiration, not frustration.

That way, instead of bastardizing our life into a cover song of another person’s music, we craft our careers into the limited editions that they were meant to be.

Whose career do you covet?

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