What New Social Norm Is Your Company Creating?

Every company wants to create a new social norm.

They want to change the way people do something, for better
and for always.

groundbreaking console didn’t just look cool, it got people up off the sofa,
broke down the walls that separated players and spectators and turned a video
game into a communication tool that family members, both young and old, could
socialize around, instead of disappearing into their digital worlds in a state
of separate togetherness.

To do this, to create a social norm, to make a lasting
impression with something of cultural meaning above and beyond the product,
there are several questions worth asking at the onset of a project:

1. How can we approach an industry in an entirely new way? 

2. How does our idea take
an activity to a scale never before achieved? 

3. How does our work revolutionize the way people do or think about

4. How do we instill new habits in people and align our
brand with them? 

5. What
if we gave people access to ownership instead of ownership itself? 

6. What idea,
that people are convinced is dead, can we bring back to life? 

7. What used to be
impossible that we can make easier for people?

on that, and you won’t just make money, you might just make history.


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