Capitalize on the Content Others Neglect

Target has offered nearly two thousand design options for its gift cards.

And as a result, they’re more just plain piece of plastic,
they’re symbols of smart design, badges of technological innovation, high touch
collector’s items, engaging social objects, artifacts of the holiday season, collaborative
employee projects, exemplars of corporate sustainability, patented parts of the
company brand, even some cards are presents in themselves, offering the shoppers
entertainment, candy, games, sound, interactivity and personalized messages.

Not to mention, the cards have no expiration dates or
finance charges.


sees value in the discarded. No pun intended. They capitalize on the content others neglect, make the mundane
memorable, spot opportunities overlooked by their rivals, fall in love with what other companies
are turned off by, specialize in an experience most companies take for
granted, and fueled by the very things most companies fear, they make something
cool that engages the world.

I wonder how you could swipe that idea for your organization.


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