Make People Miss You In Their Past

“Where has this place been my whole life?”

That’s the ultimate. To make people miss you in their past.
To deliver such an amazing experience, such a phenomenal product, that not only
do they rave and regale and recommend you to the world, they regret not meeting
you sooner. They can’t believe they’re just now finding out about you.

Finally, a company who gets it. A company who gets them.

Because prior to today, interacting with an company who does
what you do, has been a chore at best and a nightmare at worst. Certainly not something people
could enjoy or, god forbid, look forward to.

But now that they’ve found you, they may never leave.

Nourish is the perfect example. If you’re a health conscious
person with allergies or dietary restrictions, this place is your mecca. Your
health food paradise. Your safe zone for not feeling like the freak at the
table. Kirstin even wrote a cookbook on this very idea.

If you want to become a regular part of people’s lives, if
you want them to make time in their busy schedule to visit the world you’ve
created, put yourself in their future by making them miss you in their past.


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