Using nametags to get discounted Red Bull

I once brought a box of nametags to a party hosted by a few of my Persian friends. Babak (the host) and his wife had a great idea: write everyone’s names in Farsi! Everyone loved their new nametags – even if they couldn’t read them!

After a while we realized our Red Bull supply had run dry. So my friend Laszlo ran out to the local Plaid Pantry. When he pulled up to the convenient store, he realized his Farsi nametag was still on his shirt. Oh well…

He grabbed four cans and made his way to the cash register. The clerk, “Surinder,” greeted him with a beaming smile when he saw the Farsi nametag. (The actual translation was “Laszlo the King.”)

Surinder, who happened to be Arabic, asked Laszlo where the nametags were from. When he told the clerk about the party hosted by our Persian friends, he instantly became overjoyed!

“I speak Arabic, I am from almost same place!” he grinned. He then said “For you, this Red Bull? I give you special price: 4 for 5 dollars!”

Laszlo gave Surinder a hearty thanks, and walked out the door a happy man.


How do you discover the CPI (Common Point of Interest) with new people and customers?

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag


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