Using nametags to make yourself available to customers

A nametag doesn’t always have to be a tag, per se.

When I was a furniture salesman in Portland; I encountered many customers who wore a myriad of nametags for their respective jobs. One of my favorites was a woman I met a few years back. She approached me at the checkout counter, said hello and quickly shifted her body to make her right arm visible.

I noticed she was a bus driver for the Portland Tri-Met. And her light blue uniform had an embroidered nametag that read “Laura” on the right sleeve!

“Scott, I thought you’d appreciate my nametag. It’s not exactly standard, but it still serves its purpose of increasing approachability!”

“Nice to meet you Laura. That’s great that you have your name on your shirt!” I said.

Laura’s example makes complete sense: commuters only see the right side of the bus driver when they step onto the platform. Tri-Met employees wear uniforms with the embroidered name on the right sleeve to make their names accessible to people when they step on to the bus! Brilliant! So, whether you wear a badge, a sticker, a lanyard or embroidered clothing – a nametag called by any other name is still a nametag.


What other “alternative nametags” can be used to increase approachability with your customers?

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Scott Ginsberg
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