Pottery Barn necklace creates a customer for life

I walked into Pottery Barn about a year ago for nothing in particular, just to browse. The first person who greeted me was an employee wearing a string of large red plastic chili peppers around her neck. I immediately saw a great opportunity to talk to her, so I commented about it.

“I like your necklace!” I joked.

(Obviously the decoration was traditionally used for a kitchen, but this employee wanted to have some fun with the accessory.)

“It’s not really a necklace,” she explained, “but I guess this accessory is whatever you want it to be.”

I commented about her creative conversation starter. We went on to talk about a variety of communication related topics for the next twenty minutes. And although I didn’t buy anything that day, on every occasion I visited the store, I always came back and talked to Sioux. She made such an UNFORGETTABLE™ first impression on me that, if I ever needed anything – I had a friend who was willing to help. I became a loyal customer.


How do you engage with new customers who walk into your office/store?

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Scott Ginsberg
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