The surges of everlasting nature enter into me

Each of us has a handful of things that are a deep part of our nature, things that are not some silly stage, things that are not going to be outgrown in a few years. 

And we should honor those things. Once we discover the full offering we were born to give, our lives ought to be lived every day as a true expression of those values, with clear and air tight boundaries around them that are fully integrated into our being. 

But if it’s true that the self that goes on changing goes on living, then everything else that isn’t us, we must let go of. Willingly and lovingly. Consenting to the annihilation of ourselves, in the service of the soul that we are, trusting that it has come to this earth to tackle the tremendous project of evolution, and needs to run a bit leaner. 

Camus comes to mind, who writes in his book about death:

Anxieties dissolved into the air like wounded birds, and in their place came an arid lucidity. But calm will hide this living heart, defenseless against the slow forces within me that were saying no. 

This is what letting go feels like. It’s a death. A goodbye to the part of us that we thought was the heart of us. Our old life leaves as the new one enters. And we resist for as long as we can. Building a brick wall to keep things from changing. 

But as scary and sad it is to lose that chunk of who we are, it’s certainly more liberating and less stressful than the alternative. And it’s something we never regret. 

Letting the surges of our everlasting nature enter into us, while all the false selves melt away, nobody looks back on their death bed and wishes they did less of that.


Are you mistaking failure as a sign of failure or a signal of growth? 

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Scott Ginsberg

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