Not completed until it reaches someone somewhere

Hyde’s formative research on creativity reminds us that the gift must stay in motion. 

As artists, he says, giving the first creation away makes the second one possible. Our bestowal creates that energy place into which new energy may flow. And as long as the gift is not withheld, our creative spirit will remain a stranger to the economics of scarcity. 

Music is perfect example. Because a song is not completed until it reaches someone somewhere. And so, performing live, even if it’s only for an audience of one, gives the artist the chance to keep their gift in motion. The song moves beyond the self as an offering from the artist to audience. Now it’s real. Living and breathing in the world. 

Busking helped me learn this lesson in a very special way. By returning to the same neighborhood park each weekend to share my latest songs with the community, it created an apparatus of public accountability. This ritual of bestowal that allowed each of my songs to be completed through the gift exchange. 

And as a result, this process completely transformed my relationship to the creative process. By adding a meaningful and public layer of social exchange to my work, the energy of the songs actually grew stronger, deeper and more abundant. 

In a way that simply playing them alone in my room couldn’t. 


Are you giving yourself the gift of sharing, even when you’re at your lowest moments? 

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