The problem is, people don’t cherish themselves

Time is a story.

Einstein himself proved that it expands and contracts based on our subjective interpretation of it. Here’s an example from my experience.

When I set aside regular, quiet time to get the rest that my body and mind crave, something magical happens. I suddenly seem to have more time, not less, for all the other demands in my life. The act of relaxing creates more minutes in my day.

It’s part of the system that allows me to give more to life, and in a more efficient way.

There is no immediate rush, but it still contributes to a bank of energy that is renewable and sustainable.

That’s the story about time we can tell ourselves. That we are source of it, that we can make as much of it as we want, and that we will always have plenty of it to do everything we want.

Do you see time as challenge that you must overcome, or as your friend who is working for you?

If it’s the latter, you will become the type of person who creates space where there was not any before.

It’s funny, all these productivity and time management books usually spend the first ten pages bemoaning the state of our hurried world, attempting to connect with the reader about how overwhelming life is and how there just aren’t enough minutes in the day to get things done, however, with this new proven simple seven step system, you too can achieve life balance.

Bullshit. That’s not the problem we need to solve.

The problem is, people don’t cherish themselves.

The problem is, people don’t know that they deserve to take up space.

The problem is, people haven’t learned that when they take care of themselves, the other people in their lives who care about them will be happy for them.

That’s the productivity book you’ll never read. The one that simply tells you that, according to your willingness to love yourself, time can be rearranged.

It’s only a one page book, so maybe we’ll fill the rest with pictures of broken clocks.

Because if we are going to transform our lives, we have to transform our relationship with time.

How are you rewriting the story you tell yourself about time?


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