The Poetry of a Revolution

Changing the world has never been easier.

We have the tools, we have the power, we have the resources,
we have the connections, we have the initiative, we have the people and we
certainly have enough problems that need to be solved.

What’s missing is a beacon to guide us, give us hope and
show the way forward.

A manifesto that serves as the poetry of a revolution.

It’s the rally cry that inspires people to expand to their
full capacity. It’s the platform that signals the collective spirit of the
culture. It’s the calling card that demands something from people now. And it’s
the statement that tells the world who we are, what we believe, how we live,
what we declare, what we denounce, and what the world would look like if
everybody did exactly what we said.

Best of all, manifestos are free.

They cost nothing. They have power to change everything. They
create a world more beautiful than the one we’ve dreamt up.

And they’re the best way to understand, if only within our
own hearts, who we are and what we believe in.


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