Don’t Boil The Water

The point isn’t to consume the content.

The point is to be the first to comment on it. The point is
to be the best at publicly deconstructing it. And to the point is to outdo
everyone else in making fun of it.

That’s why the volume of comments far exceeds the volume of

Because that’s what nerds do, they obsess. They have
hyperactive internal monologues passionately deconstruct everything they
encounter. And the only way for a nerd to be more into something than others,
is to hate it.

Knowing this, the goal shouldn’t be to deliver content
that’s perfect, unarguable and safe.

The goal is to be
. People want to be able to do remixes that enhance or ridicule what
the mass market is giving them. They want to tap into their creative flair and
achieve whatever microfame they can muster. Let them.

The goal is to be open.
Great art is never finished anyway. Kick out the parameters of your vision by trusting
people to have their own experience. People like talking about cool stuff they
made because it increases their status. Let them.

The content is only the beginning.

The real trick is not to boil the water, it’s to keep it

Because when you boil it, it evaporates.


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