The heart to be happy and the nerve to be hopeful

Shunya’s theory about ayurveda makes the claim that hopelessness is the primary disease which precedes all symptoms. 

It’s an interesting assertion. And do we think it’s scientifically sound? Probably not. But then again, not believing in the destructive power of hopelessness doesn’t protect us from it. 

For the good of our sanities, and for the good of the world, let us err on the side of optimism. Here’s how. 

We let our landscape of hope become our reality. 

We remember to celebrate what is right with the world. 

We cultivate our ability to be lifted super high by the smallest drafts of hope. 

We find the silver lining in everything as a survival mechanism. 

We constantly share our enthusiasm for life’s smaller offerings. 

We rekindle even the faintest glimmer of optimism in failing spirits. 

We transform even the slightest events or situations into breakthroughs in thinking and action. 

In the age of anxiety, hope isn’t easy for everyone. Especially when life feels like you’re being backed into the wall with nowhere to run and no reason to move, hope requires a titanic amount of courage, resilience and imagination. 

But it is possible. 


Are you willing to open your heart’s hand and allow the touch of hope?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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