Stones on the path toward something even larger

We are not supposed to be one thing in life. 

Real fulfillment comes from the complete integration of our many dimensions. Emergence, as the great physicists would call it. The phenomenon where things start to come alive once their elements are unified into one another. 

The scary part about this process is trusting our experience. Having faith that the things we have done all our lives are finally leading up to something. They’re stones on the path toward something even larger. 

Maynard’s story as a poet, star athlete, soldier, pet shop prodigy, set designer, actor, comedian, jujitsu master, metal singer and pioneering winemaker is the ideal example. 

Reading his inspiring autobiography about a perfect union of contrary things, reminded me of the power of integration. Here’s a man who knew that if he expanded his palette, everything would benefit from everything else. He approached the many inflection points in his trajectory not as changes in direction, but shifts in perspective. A seamless opening to yet another aspect of his art. 

It’s the kind of attitude each of us should aspire to. 

Ethel’s psychological research on feeling strong names this attitude the achievement of authentic power. It comes from our ability to integrate our experiences in such a way that everything is ultimately incorporated into the process of growth. 

And so, if you’re detecting the awakening of one or more of these dimensions in yourself, trust them. 

They are stones on the path toward something even larger. 


What is your life experience accidentally preparing you for?

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Scott Ginsberg

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