Someone with whom we weave a story of life

If a company advertised a product that failed fifty percent of the time, would you buy it? 

Of course not. Those odds are ridiculous. Apple wouldn’t ship a single phone if that was the messaging of their new ad campaign. 

And yet, millions of couples get married every single year, fully knowing that there is about a fifty percent chance that it won’t work out. How is that possible? 

Perel’s book about mating in captivity makes several compelling arguments. Here’s one. 

There are very few rituals at this moment. With the loss of religion, there are no more structures and institutions to which we adhere. That’s why marriage works. It’s a ritual rooted in a tradition that comes with a code of conduct. It has an official cultural norm to it. Marriage is a spine. It’s a pillar. A buttress. A solid construct. Marriage is architecture. And people are desperate for it. 

The advantage of this ritual, she says, is that it becomes an enabler for the rest of our life. Our relationship reminds us that we have two feet to stand on. It is the everyday vehicle for using each our signature strengths. And our ultimate safety within this established base makes it easier to take risks and muster the courage to act on our professional ambitions. 

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With whom do you share a mutual understanding of the fabric of the universe?

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