Chronically concerned with remaining the way you are

Growth is about letting go of what no
longer fits you. 

Accepting that what got you here won’t get you where we need
to be. And trusting that if you evolve beyond your old way of being, people
won’t forget about you, and you might even be able to create a new context from
which to relate to the world. 

It’s like the comedian who makes a name for
himself as the angry guy. In the early years, he uses rage as his main source
of humor because that’s the only note he knows how to play. 

But two decades
into his career, he starts asking himself some hard questions. 

How will you
maintain the anger that your comedy now thrives on? What if you become so happy
that you forget your rage? Who would you be if you didn’t wake up with this
rolodex of people that you resent? And what is the worst thing that could
happen if you decided to let go of your anger?  

These questions could apply to any profession and any
emotional state. Because it’s not about some comedian, it’s about all of us.
Anyone who is chronically concerned with remaining the way they are. 

Next time
you start suspecting your best days are behind you, wondering if you’re done
doing that which defined you, remember this. 

You have so much talent, skill and
history, that you don’t need that thing anymore. 

It might have been who you
were when you started, but it’s not who you are today. 

If you are feeling
trapped by your signature work, the work that everyone now wants and demands
from you, it’s a sign that letting go might be in order. 


What the worst thing that could happen if you decided to let go of your precious trademark style?  
* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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