Round the Clock Transcontinental Flash Mob

Anything worth doing is worth making memorable.

Considering how absurd and transient life really is, there’s
no good reason not to add personality and surprise and bounce to the
interactions that make up our days. That’s what gives our moments weight.
That’s how we make each other feel alive.

Think of it as an exercise in creative mindfulness. A mental
recipe. An awareness plan for perceiving, experiencing and thinking about the
world around us. What could we do to make
this moment, right now, a more humane, pleasant passing of time?

The more we ask that question, the more connected and
colorful the world becomes.

The point is, if all the world’s a stage, why not put on a
show for each other? Why not take a moment to make a memory? Why not invest a
few extra minutes or a few extra bucks to do something people will remember

That’s why we’re here anyway.

To turn life into one big round the clock transcontinental
flash mob.


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