Holmes Would Be Proud

Insight doesn’t come from expertise, it comes from doing detective

Approaching the problem in a holistic, intelligent,
comprehensive and systematic way so that the solution presents itself.

Here’s a snapshot of the strategic process I’ve been using
for more than a decade:

Macro investigation.
Issues including historical patterns, economic, social and cultural forces, the
regulatory environment, any industry, distribution and technological concerns, and
whatever other big picture trends will help identify the why behind the what and
create context around the problem.

Micro investigation.
Interrogate real human behavior, natural language, ordinary conversations and
normal discourse, pouring over reams of content, streams of pictures, immersing
yourself in the daily lives of relevant parties, asking smart people dumb
questions, doing complaint case studies and sniffing for kernels that trigger
entire worlds.

Connection analysis. Next,
you overwhelm yourself with every possible input, spreading out everything you
have front of your face, and start looking for natural relationships, patterns,
inherent geometry, unconscious integrations, cross-pollinations, trends,
categories, structures and thought bridges between seemingly unrelated ideas.

Insight extraction.
Allow all the fragments to add up to a few unique, interesting, powerful and
ownable opportunities where nobody else exists, and from that place, make a few
insightful observations, ask a few what if questions and make a few why not
recommendations, both of which help you move closer to a solution.

Happy detecting!


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