Building a Remarkable Service Ecosystem

Business is best when it’s about the service above what you really sell.

But you can’t just claim, “We’re all about service.”

You have to be more specific.

Highly personable tech support, tightly connected user
groups, fanatical logistics, unforgettable live events, capturing and using customer
feedback, lighthearted social media engagement, amazing return policies, human
beings answering the phones, classy employee interactions, elegant mobile
technology, complete customization, accurate recommendation algorithms,
apologizing in three dimensions, offering tactile delight items, curation of
situations that create discovery, online communities for lonely users, building
platforms for extending transaction experiences, intelligent anticipation of
guest needs, mastering the art of small touches, unprecedented access to
information, a continuous flow of education and the willingness to entertain
every step of the way.

Just to name a few.

Point being, the product is only the beginning.

Smart companies focus on building a remarkable service
ecosystem around it.


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