Rebooting the Human Condition

Digital used to be the thing.

Now it flows through all things.

And yes, we’re more connected than ever before. But we’ve lost something along the way. Something meaningful. Something money can’t buy.

We’ve lost a portion of our humanity.

And unless we start expecting less from technology and more from each other, we’re going to plunge further down the digital rabbit hole into a painfully pixelated future.

Face it. It’s time to reboot the human condition.

As a wise man once said, “On a computer, everyone’s a punk. But in a room, everyone’s a mouse.”

I’d like to build a board game that helps offices and teams get off their devices and start talking to each other in person, face to face, with their mouths.

First, you can’t start playing until you surrender your devices. Your smartphone, tablet or laptop is your admission to the meeting. 

Next, pull out the Analog Activity Sheet. This is a list of things we used to do without electonic assistance.

Wonder about big ideas, leave handwritten notes to people, have emergency back up plans, make eye contact, solve problems together, entertain each other, write long letters to loved ones, remember phone numbers and share collectibles. 

Each item has different tasks attached to it. And the goal of the game is get on as many ridiculous and creative tangets as possible within a 30-60 minute time period.

Tech free. Just like a real picnic.


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