Deep Connection, Digital Nudge

Lack of communication is the root cause of most relationship problems. 

When we don’t talk to each other, we don’t just give up our understanding, we give up our connection. And without a strategy for expressing our mutual needs wants, feelings and frustrations, couples who get lazy with each other won’t be couples for very long. 

And because communication is our basic human need, our basic human instinct is to build systems to satisfy that need.

But digital isn’t the answer, it’s the accomplice.

What if we created a mobile utility that helped couples increase intimacy through genuine conversation?

We could call it, “Couple Talk.”

You browse a database of creative questions, conversation starters and thought provoking ideas. Then, use them as prompts for meaningful discussions with your partner. Topics will address important, controversial and sensitive issues that most couples are afraid to confront. You will reach each new levels understanding with your significant other. 

You could even submit your own questions, keep a playlist of your favorites and document your answers to revisit in the future as you grow.

It’s a deep connection with the help of a digital nudge. 


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