Happiness Isn’t Easy For Everyone

Man’s search for meaning isn’t just a book.

It’s the number one cause of unhappiness in the world. 

Making meaning is what allows us to feel alive. It’s a form of living our deepest principles and highest values. And if we aren’t intentional about where, how, why and with whom we make meaning in the world, life is going to be an empty journey. 

After all, money doesn’t buy happiness. Meaning does.

But,  happiness isn’t easy for everyone.

So, inspired by Eric Maisel’s books, I’ve been thinking: What if we created a utility that helped people make meaning instead of monitoring moods?

Each morning, you could map our your daily repertoire of meaning making activities. You check them off as you complete them. At the end of the week, you can evaluate your personal level of happiness. And then you can share it with people you love who are also on their own meaning making mission.

It’s a micro blueprint for success, an existential day planner and an ongoing and cumulative record of the meaningful activities you accomplish.


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