Eating Feedback For Breakfast

“Can an algorithm iron out the kinks in our existence?” Fascinating article about using smartphones for therapy. As a person who’s tried everything from therapy to meditation to hypnosis to guided imagery, I dig any tool that enhances your repertoire of meaningfulness. 

“Creating my own breadcrumb trail so that I don’t
get lost.”
 Picked this one up fromPostSecret. Paints a picture of the simultaneous beauty and terror of getting lost. Perfect for those of us who are directionally retarded.

“Finding a new way to be human.” Interesting idea for abook, but also a great mantra for a business. Imagine how much our customers would love us if we implemented this on a daily basis.

“I eat that feedback for breakfast.” This statement was embedded into the meta data of a Reddit video. This website that has become a staple in my morning news routine. It’s where I’ve discovered many of my favorite new bands.

“I feel useless in the world if I’m just sitting
there being happy.”
 Derek makes a powerfulpoint. A helpful reminder that we can’t just sit in a corner perfecting ourselves. We have to get out of house and go make something happen that matters to others.

“Occupied with the intricacies of the human
 Greatarticleabout the difference between our online personalities and offline realities. Wait, is there supposed to be a difference?


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