Precariously Balanced On My Sanity Ledge

“Being in love is one of the only times when life is anything
like art.” 
Having recently gotten engaged, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks to Tim for this gem.

“Being religious about how you make your money is the
quickest way to go out of business.”
 Yet another piece of advice that would have done me good about five years ago. From the brain of Gary Vee.

“Childhood wishes often reappear later in life.” Can’t remember where this thought comes from, but lately, I’ve noticed a lot of those twenty-year loops closing. Neato. 

“Makes the room seem less empty.” In the past few years, I’ve become a podcast junkie. Podcasts literally saved me from going crazy during my sabbatical and job transition. Thank pod.

“One more inevitable, melancholy stroke of the ethnic eraser.” Review of a book I’ll probably never read, but holy crap, what a sentence. Gotta love The Times.

“Precariously balanced on my sanity ledge.” This beautiful phrase sneaked out of Carolla’s mouth somewhere between fart jokes and rants about passion fruit. Nice.

“Prophecy is a lonely business.” Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with any movie or book that involves the apocalypse. Thanks Greg.

“The obnoxious roommate living inside your head.” Awesome article on imagined limitations and the things we say to ourselves. Nice to see Huffpost publish something worth reading for once.


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