Never Cling To Your Gift Too Tightly

“Automobiles are tools, not symbols of power and status.” Selling my car was one of the most liberating, joyful, satisfying moments of my life. This video helps explain why.

“It’s not about a lot of people loving you from a distance, it’s
about a few people loving you up close, and about those people being enough.”
 Amanda Palmer’s TED talk is inspiring as hell. Wish I could have watched it ten years ago.

“Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you care.” Great point, Gary Vee. Not every mom and pop shop is in the business of caring. Dang it.

“Never cling to your gift too tightly.” During Rob Bell’s sermon on his latest book, he shares solid advice for anyone who’s ever experienced an identity crisis. What a communicator.

“Nothing to prove and everything to imagine.” This old interview from The Paris Review digs into the mind of writer Eugène Ionesco, namely, how he works.

“Overpaid my dues.” When I watched Searching for Sugarman, I cried almost the whole movie. Absolutely devastating. Rodriguez’s song Cause will floor you.

“Question people, if only to make them search for another
Brilliant insight from the world’s only demotivational speaker, Big Mike. Nigh.

“Sanding off of the interesting edges.” Digging Seth’s recent post on bringing all of yourself to everything that you do, namely, how you work. 

“Sick with sweet gratitude.” Just a glorious sentence. Snagged it from an article in The Times this weekend.

“With television or film, you have to wait until somebody
wants you back.”
 The documentary Please Subscribe is simultaneously inspiring, fascinating and heartbreaking. This particular quotation is from Hannah Hart, who is adorable.


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