Other desires well up inside the human heart

Maslow’s law of human behavior states that a satisfied need ceases to motivate. 

When a person decides that they’re earning enough money, for example, money loses its power to motivate. Other desires well up inside the human heart. And unless that person diverts their attention to one of those higher level need, they won’t sustain momentum and drive. 

Philippe’s book on creativity comes to mind. The tightrope walker write:

There is no such thing as motivation in my world. I am not motivated to do what I do. As an artist, I am driven, I am compelled, I am thrust forward by a force so rooted inside of me, so convincing, that is seems futile to try and explain it. 

That’s still motivation. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but this artist still understands that only needs that are relatively unsatisfied are capable of motivating people. That’s why he still makes public performances and gives lectures and conducts workshops and produces films and writes books and collaborates with legendary artists, well into his sixties. 

Because at this point in his career, the motivation isn’t money or fame or mastery. Philippe has already asked and answered the question, what is deepest potential that I can create in the world, and why does the world need it? 

And so, now it’s simply a matter of actualizing his potential. Creating something beautiful and original and noteworthy for his own internal satisfaction, separate from the needs of others. 


What issue are you shielding yourself from so that you are not close enough to the pain that you need to motivate to change? 


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