Giving your values a voice

Ruskin, the great architect, painter, writer, social thinker and philanthropist, famously emphasized the connections between nature, art and society. According to his biography, more than any other public figure in the nineteenth century, he convinced the public that:

Architecture was not an isolated science of compass and rule, but rather, a vital index of a nation’s values. 

That single insight, that grandiose but sincere approach to creating art, always had a profound influence on me. In fact, the night my team wrapped on our most recent music documentary, I realized why it’s so satisfying and exhilarating and exhausting to ship a major creative project like a film. 

Because it’s a clearinghouse. It’s a destination to unite all of your interesting elements, intermingling your interests and themes into a meaningful and cohesive whole. An opportunity to announce to the world, these are the cherished values that make me feel fully alive when I honor them. 

When you play the art game that way, nobody can take that victory away from you. 

A powerful reminder, that the most fundamental condition of creativity is that the locus of evaluative judgment is internal. That you’re shipping art because it’s how you make meaning in accordance with your deepest held values. 


Are you using art to give your values a voice, or just uploading more content?


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