Give yourself the benefit of creative doubt.

Artists know that their immediate impressions are not to be trusted. Only living with their creation over time will tell the real story. 

When I was in the nascent stages of my latest film project, I frequently found myself underwhelmed, disappointed and even a little bored with my own idea. 

And that bothered me. Because if my art didn’t inspire me, how could I expect it to inspire others? 

But then I remembered a lesson rom my high school chemistry class. We learned about the issue of data sufficiency in problem solving. Our teacher reminded us that often times, the solution cannot be determined from the information given. In which case, the correct multiple choice answer would simply be, not enough information. 

Interestingly, the same rule applies to the creative process. Especially in the early stages when we are poor judges of our own abilities. Turns out, only through patience and trust and time and oxygen can the nature of our aesthetic judgment be reconfigured. And sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes it takes years. 

But nonetheless, it’s our job to have faith in the process and believe that the forest of the mind will provide, lest we allow negative perceptions of our incomplete work to cause us unnecessary grief. 


Are you judging your own work too early? 


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