A little closer to the way things could be

Robertson’s revolutionary corporate management system, holacracy, empowers employees at all levels to sense dissonance in the present moment and see the potential for change. 

And what’s fascinating about this system is, it replaces the language of problems with tensions. Brian reminds us that humans, after all, are wired to put off dealing with things that they perceive as problems to the last possible moment. And so, the use of negative language around issues in business can create a culture for avoidance or unnecessary trepidation. 

Tension, on the other hand, is a neutral term. It simply means the feeling of a specific gap between current reality and a sensed potential. Meaning, a tension is not a problem. It doesn’t necessarily need a solution, rather, it points to an opportunity to move the way things are in the present moment a little closer to the way things could be. 

This is a pivotal distinction, both for organizations and individuals alike. It’s an approach to addressing our issues peacefully, objectively and buoyantly. Simply seeing what is real, without rushing in to fix it. And allowing that acceptance to bring us a little closer to the way things could be. 

My hypnotherapist used to suggest something similar during our monthly sessions. He would remind me that anxiety, once spotted and named, often vanishes. Because all feelings have a beginning, middle and end. And so, processing our tensions into meaningful change is a simple routine. 

Three steps. Notice what’s got your attention, call it out and let it go. 

It works in meetings with a group, it works in meditation with yourself, it even works in mediations with your spouse. As long as you approach issues as tensions to be processed, not problems to be solved.


What language will you use to move things closer to the way things could be?


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