In Search of Exquisite Ordinariness

A coward where it counts. This passage comes from the first fiction book I’ve read in a long time. Now my new favorite author.

I wanted to change my operating system. From an outstanding interview with Derek Sivers on evolving your identity and living larger than your labels.

Experts in every world except the real one. Brilliant offhand comment made by Bill Maher during his latest interview with Snoop Lion. 

Forever tethered to the unproductive dance. From the new book by Brian Solis. Really hit home with the efficient side of me.

I don’t
want to be understood by you.
 John Hegarty discusses the downside of consumer personalization. Love this one.

It’s my
backbone project.
As a lifelong sober guy I can relate to Amy’s perspective on not drinking. Way to stand up!

In search of exquisite ordinariness. My friend and mentor Jen mentioned this during dinner. Pretty much summarizes the last six months of my life.

Luck finds the doers. Genius article by one of my heroes, Scott Adams, on getting a real education. Explains why I’ve been so lucky all these years.

Piss away my chances. My pal Genuine Chris says more profound sentences in one phone conversation than most people do in a year. Nice one.

Tequila makes me fight with the sidewalk. Found this one while researching buyer behavior for a new client. Made me laugh out loud.

That’s a kick in the colored coded nuts. My colleague, Victor, said this during a late night meeting and I couldn’t let it go undocumented. Gracias!


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