Man freely gives out cell phone number, offers to meet callers anywhere

A phone message to the nation: Please call 510-872-7326; Marc Horowitz wants to meet you for dinner.

Go ahead — dial it. If he doesn’t answer, just leave him a message. That’s what thousands of people have done after seeing his number on a dry-erase board in a Crate & Barrel catalog photo last fall.

Horowitz, a conceptual artist in San Francisco, was working as a photo assistant on a catalog shoot when he came up with an idea for an art project that would question social barriers.

The dry-erase board looked too blank, so he decided to write his cellphone number on it — and maybe take a road trip to meet anyone who called.

“Conversation is ART,” said Horowitz, “and strangers have so much to learn from each other!”

SO…I called him today, and he actually called me right back! He was sitting in his van outside a cafe somewhere in SoCal after doing a radio interivew and sleeping one hour. Boy is this guy dedicated. But he was incredibly nice, very smart and has some great ideas set up for the future of his movement. And although he’s only been on the road a few weeks, everything’s going great!

Wow. Just a GREAT idea. This guy is right up my alley. Talk about a front porch.


When was the last time YOU had dinner with a stranger?

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