Don’t start a conversation by talking about the weather

Because I once lived in Portland, Oregon where it rained 300 days of the year, I never complained about the weather. Another reason I didn’t complain about the weather is because, without it, 90% of the world wouldn’t know how to start a conversation!

But seriously…I’ve read almost every book on how to start conversations, mingling, breaking the ice and meeting people – and I have yet to find one that doesn’t advise the following:

“Talking about the weather is an effective way to start a conversation.”

No it isn’t. It’s a terrible way. And just because it’s easy and everyone uses it doesn’t make it effective. Starting a conversation about the weather actually means you’ve settled for starting a conversation about the weather; which makes your conversation partners feel like you’ve settled for them too. Every time you do it, you also show the other person you aren’t a good enough conversationalist to talk about anything other than the weather. So, unless there’s a good reason such as a tornado, hailstorm, monsoon, meteor shower or lightning happened to strike your cat – think of something else. You can do better than that. I believe in you.

Here are a few tips on ways to start conversations, and a great post by my friend Don the Idea Guy.


How does it make you feel when people talk about the weather?

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