The Sacred Art of the Pick-Up Line

A pick-up line is ONE way to conversation, but it’s usually not an EFFECTIVE way. About a year ago I was dancing at a local club. My friend Dave introduced me to a woman named Alexis. After we shook hands she asked, “So Scott…do you have any friends named Alexis?”

“Uh, well yeah…there was a girl I went to college with named Alexis.”

“Okay, well let me ask you this,” she said as she pressed herself against my body, “Have you ever RIDDEN in Alexis before?”


If you want read some other ineffective ways to start conversations (do these EVER work?), check out Dan Hersam’s blog. Also, in an old Dave Barry article, the humorist had the following to say about the sacred art of the pick-up line:

“…the next time a guy walks up and uses some incredibly lame, boneheaded line on you, I hope that, instead of laughing at him, you will remember that he is under the intense pressure of wanting to impress you enough so that you might want to get to know him better and maybe eventually, perhaps within the next 15 minutes, mate with him, thereby enabling the survival of the human race, which believe me is the only thing that we males are truly concerned about.”


What’s the best/worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

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Scott Ginsberg
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