Just Be Completely Honest When Most People Would Say Nothing

The truth is powerful because nobody expects it.

In a
world where most people have been duped, fooled, conned, scammed, spammed and screwed
over too many times, if you can just be completely honest where most
people would say nothing, communicate more than people think is needed, give
more than people think is fair and care more than people think is expected, you
will not be forgotten.

What if, next time you turned down new business, you sent
customers a comprehensive list of your competition’s locations, services and

What if, next time you redesign your website, you included a public
disclosure page of every single relationship you maintained?  

if, next time somebody comes in for a tune up, you teach them how to test on
their own first to prevent unnecessary repairs and replacements? 

What if, next
time you’re making a pitch, you tell the client about a cheaper option that
presumably means less money in your own pocket? 

What if, next time your
company had a failure, you bragged about it as a public badge of lessons

What if, next time a prospect comes in for a free
consultation, you explain what procedures and services are actually extraneous?

Sometimes all we have to do is be radically candid with

To let truth suddenly stare them in the face and change them

How are you branding your honesty?


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