Elevating the feedback to a full bodied perspective

The problem with a lot of employee engagement surveys is, they’re too narrow.

They fail to make a certain empathetic leap and consider the whole person.

If want to create an atmosphere worth coming to and a culture worth passing on, then the onus is on each team member to think in three dimensions and consider the holistic impact on their work on the entire organization.

Here’s a compilation of survey questions from a variety of different employee engagement assessments, along with follow up question to help elevate the feedback to a full bodied and global perspective.

Do you enjoy your company’s culture? Hopefully you do, but the real question is, how are you contributing to your company’s culture so that other people enjoy it as well?

Do you find your work meaningful? That’s important, but it’s also smart to ask, how are you actively creating your own meaning when the work is boring and uninspiring?

Do you feel valued for your contributions? You absolutely should, but don’t forget to ask, are you also valuing your team members for their contributions?

Does your company give you the tools and technologies you need to do your job well? That’s par for the course, so the next level is asking, what tools have you created to expand yours and the team’s ability to engage with your ideas and achieve goals?

Do you feel as though your job responsibilities are clearly defined? Wonderful, but serious contributors also ask, what is the work that nobody is asking you to do that might create disproportionate value?

Do you receive high quality recognition for your efforts? That’s great, but mature team players have to wonder, how can you accumulate enough internal fulfillment through your work, regardless of whether or not credit and kudos are given?

Are you proud to be a part of this company? That certainly helps, but the bigger question is, does your employer feel it’s impressive to be partnering with you?

Wherever you work, there will never be a perfect survey to uncover how everyone is feeling about everything.

What matters is that we think holistically and humanly about the work we do.

What nuance are you not measuring?


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