Don’t start with why, start with who

When you know who you are, every moment isn’t a moral challenge, it’s just a checklist. 

Decisions are easier, postures are sturdier, interactions are warmer, relationships are healthier, risks are smarter, transitions are smoother, failures are faster and commitments are stronger. 

What happens when you know who you are? Everything

Including executional velocity. After all, you can’t expect to get things done until you get to know the doer. And so, identity is the engine that drives productivity. It’s what allows you to take action faster, better, cheaper and smarter. 

That’s what I tell my clients. Whether you’re a one man show, a boutique agency or a large organization, don’t start with why, start with who. Because the word identity derives from the term identidem, which literally means, over and over. And that’s the secret to moving any brand forward. Understanding who you are, over and over. 

Harvard recently published a study that interviewed three hundred leaders across a variety of successful companies. They tested the extent to which the leader’s identity affected team effectiveness. And what they found was, whenever the leader demonstrated a lack of understanding about their true identity, the organization substantially suffered. 

From to teamwork to productivity to market share to conflict management to decision quality, identity was the missing ingredient. Had they started with who, perhaps these gaps could have been avoided. 


Do you have a good working model of your identity?


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