There is no competition if you’re running a different race

Gandhi’s theory of social reconstruction famously said it was a false notion that competition was an integral part of human society. 

His belief was that competition glorified the tendencies of selfishness and greed and rivalry and envy, and that it didn’t have a place in a non violent society. 

I couldn’t agree more. Competition is not a mechanism that operates very strongly within me. Because despite its positive economic implications, I believe competition is still grounded in scarcity thinking. Notenoughness. Disconnectedness. The assumption that people can’t share what’s available. The fear there isn’t enough room in this place for more than one of us.

I’m reminded of my grandfather, whose company has been a leader in closeout industry for more than forty years. His brand has always revolved around the idea of class. Classy products, classy people. 

And so, it’s no surprise that he had competitors, but he didn’t have competition. There was never any rivalry or bad blood or cutthroat dealings with enemy corporations. He wasn’t against anybody. Frank just tried to make the pie bigger. To treat everybody as a friend and a partner and a colleague and a family member, that way everybody’s business could thrive. 

The goal wasn’t to make war on the competition, but to make love to the customer. 

That’s class. No wonder there was zero competition. He was running a different race. 

And so, next time you split into the mindset of competing, try on the idea that there is no separateness. That we are all one. That abundance is right around the corner. Create and connect and communicate and collaborate, but don’t compete. Learn to operate from a place of enoughness, and watch what that does to your business. 


Are you spending more time educating potential customers on the benefits of your service, or telling them why you are better than the competition?


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