What would it take to get your hands dirty?

Whether it’s
getting married or starting a business or having children or moving across the
country or going full time with your business, you’ll never really be ready.
It’ll never really be the right time. 

So what’s the holdup? 

Because by that
logic, you’re always ready. It’s always the right time. And so, making the
right choice doesn’t matter as much as making the commitment to choosing. It’s
not what you choose, it’s that you choose. Simply making a choice, any choice,
and following through with absolute commitment, makes it the right choice. 

On the other hand, if you never choose,
you’re always wrong. If your hands aren’t dirty, the court doesn’t recognize
your right to comment. 

I have a client whose biggest struggle is creative
overwhelm. He wants to do everything, and that’s why he does nothing. The stifling
cocktail of ambition paralysis and option anxiety creates a diffusion of
execution, and it leads to a deeply frustrating, infinite regression of
stuckness. It’s debilitating. He feels creatively constipated and unable to
move forward with his projects. 

And so, I reminded him that when you’re doing
the right things, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing things right. Failure is
off the table. It’s neither here nor there. What matters is that you decide. 

matters is that you believe you’re ready enough, that the time is right enough,
and you’re going to do something, anything, to add energy to the system and move
the story forward. Because even if you can’t explain your choice, and even if
that choice isn’t correct in any objective sense, the fact that you made it is
victory enough. 


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