Customers Don’t Want To Hear From You

The last place customers go when they have questions is to the
actual company.

Instead of wading through the pages of some boring, bloated,
antiquated, vain, salesy, marginally helpful corporate website, they’re clicking

Since they’re accustomed to instant informational gratification,
they’re off to the message boards, online forums, review sites, search engines,
video tutorials, social media platforms and user blogs, to answer all their
burning questions, right now, for free. They’re using their own devices to help each another with or without
the help of the business.

In fact, customers would talk to each other all day long if
they could.

They just don’t want to hear from you.

Because more often than not, those kinds of interactions
involve too many inane hoops, too many repetitive interactions and too many
unhelpful responses, the sum of which destroys customer value.

Can you blame them?


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